Yoga for Strength, Relaxation & Flexibility

Many certified personal trainers have turned to a yoga instructor certification to supplement the growing demands for yoga. Yoga has been practiced for a long time and has renewed favoritism for its strength, relaxation, and flexibility.

Yoga can easily be practiced anywhere. Many travelers often enjoy a yoga course online, but others enjoy the relaxing and calming atmosphere of a group class. Participating in a group class also gives you the opportunity to try new moves with the guidance of an instructor that can both demonstrate the moves and critique your own form to make sure you are doing the pose correctly and safely.

Yoga can provide a challenging strength workout. The moves are held in an isometric fashion, engaging muscles in a deeper hold. This helps to build lean muscle tissue and to tone. The movements are low impact allowing a larger range of ages and fitness levels to participate. Yoga focuses a lot on breathing so the movements and routines are very personal. You can go as deep into the pose as you would like. Or you can modify for light stretching as a recovery workout. Yoga provides a welcoming environment that is non-judgmental and calming. Many loyal yoga followers enjoy the environment to destress and unwind the most.

Yoga can help with relaxation too. Yoga puts emphasis on breathing and counting the breaths. It not only calms the body, but can calm the mind too. It should help you let out all of your negative energy so that you can focus on inner strength and positive vibes. Breathing out can be referenced to breathing out all of the negativity from that day and letting it go. Many online health coaches recommend yoga daily to unwind and refocus on goals for that day.

Yoga can also increase flexibility. Yoga can help elongate the muscle fibers and protect the joints. Why stretch after exercise? We stretch to release the tightness and tension in the muscles and joints.   Yoga does the same thing. It releases the tightness and tension in our bodies and in our minds.

Yoga can be practiced by all ages and fitness levels to increase strength, relaxation, and flexibility. Try a beginner class if you are new and have the instructor check your form to make sure you are doing the moves properly and without risk to injury. Free your mind and body with yoga!

Yoga Certification

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