Weighted Jump-Rope Workout – Is It for You?

If you are a personal trainer wanting to know how to get more fitness clients, keeping your programs fun and challenging will keep your clients happy and motivated. Weighted jump ropes are an awesome way to get fit. They can be easily used anywhere and build cardiovascular strength and endurance to help blast calories quickly. A weighted jump rope can have weights built into the handles of the jump rope or the rope itself can be weighted. This extra element adds the benefit of strength training to your jump rope workout for a full body workout that burns calories, tones the body, and builds aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Jumping with a traditional jump rope helps tone the legs and core muscles. A weighted jump rope continues to tone the legs and strengthen core muscles but also helps build upper body strength in the arms and chest as well.  Jumping rope falls under the category of HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, and is the fastest way to burn calories and fat.  

Online fitness instructor courses can help show you a variety of different ways to utilize a weighted jump rope. Online fitness education also provides step by step tutorials on ways to modify exercises to fit every type of exerciser and fitness concerns as well as providing tips for proper form.  

Weighted jump ropes are easy to use and can easily be made into a family fitness workout. Including your family and friends when trying a new workout can help improve accountability and motivation in getting your workout completed for the day. Weighted jump ropes can also help strengthen the joints in the knees providing protection from sports injury and improving functional fitness for daily life. 

If you are ready to try something new and fun, try a weighted jump rope workout today! Ready to inspire others on their fitness journey? Click below to learn more about becoming a HIIT Instructor! 24/online convenience, pay only if you pass!



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