Tactical Fitness – Do you Know What it Takes?



A personal fitness trainer job can involve more than just fitness. It involves motivation and inspiration to help your client achieve more than they ever have and to believe that they have the power to overcome personal challenges to make big strides, not just in fitness but in life as well. Inspiring clients to push beyond their comfort zone to achieve personal greatness. Building mental strength to help clients understand that the only limitations they have in life are the ones they place upon themselves. Are you tough enough to move mountains? Now you are ready for tactical fitness!

Tactical fitness provides a blend of boot camp and HIIT (high intensity interval training) with a military toughness that makes it one of the most challenging and in demand workouts. Personal training marketing ideas have gotten creative with this new style of fitness and has been able to draw in a new crowd of fitness enthusiasts in a patriotic way. Those with interest in the military and those who are enlisted in the military are able to get a full body workout that keeps them in shape for service and improves their functional fitness levels. Police and fire fighters have also used tactical fitness training to build strength and to strengthen their skills they use on a daily basis.

Climbing walls, using ropes, carrying heavy equipment, running, and buddy rescue techniques are just some of the physical skills you will learn to perfect with tactical fitness training. Tactical fitness burns more calories than other workouts such row machines and treadmills. If you are already a personal trainer, consider signing up for one of the many quick certification programs online that require a specialty fitness certificate such as tactical fitness. You’ll be able to provide services to a larger demographic area, increase your salary as a personal trainer, and be knowledgeable about new fitness trends and training. Fitness trainer description changes depending on what class you are teaching and what qualifications you have to teach. Many trainers will blend class styles together to provide an overall introduction to a variety of fitness training programs so clients can learn about what they like and explore those areas. You know you have what it takes to succeed with tactical fitness, so give it a try today!
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