Summer Outdoor Fitness Tips to Stay Safe

Summer months bring outdoor fitness and family fun together to make memories while working to reach personal fitness goals. Sometimes we have so much fun enjoying our outdoor sports that we forget about summer outdoor safety.  Use these summer fitness tips to stay safe when working out so your workouts don’t have to stop until you’re ready to stop:

  1. Stay hydrated.  Dietitian and nutritionist training teach us that our electrolytes can become unbalanced when working out.  We lose vitamins and minerals in our sweat.  If you do not replenish those lost electrolytes, you could experience gastrointestinal issues, leg cramping, dizziness, confusion, and could even start to experience early stages of heat exhaustion.  Depending on your fitness activity and duration of exercise, your water may need to be used in combination with a sports electrolyte supplement, such as sports drinks, electrolyte tabs, or gels.  These supplements help to keep your body in balance when working out during the hot summer months.  If you work out with your dog, don’t forget they need water too!
  2. Get a workout buddy.  Personal trainer workout routines are easier to complete when you have a workout buddy to help you with accountability.  On the days you feel too tired to get up and workout, knowing you have an accountability partner can give you that extra boost of motivation to get up and get out the front door.  Having a workout buddy during the summer months can be lifesaver incase something happens to you, you’ll have a friend that can call for help. Women runners who enjoy early morning runs find comfort in having a running partner for safety and security.  Having a workout buddy also helps improve emotional health and strengthens friendships.
  3. Let someone new your route.  If you like to run, bike, hike, or explore, be sure to let someone know where you are planning to start your workout and your general route.  Online wellness coach programs allow you to complete your workouts from any location.  For personal safety, you should let someone know where you will be in case of an emergency.  If you run with a group, be sure at least one of the members in your group has your emergency contact information and a phone number to call.  Sports ID bracelets can also help protect you by letting emergency medical staff know who you are, what medical conditions you have, and how to get in touch with loved ones. 
  4. Don’t forget sunblock and bug spray.  Online personal fitness trainer tips often forget to mention the importance of sunblock and bug spray when workouts are being done outside.  A sunburn can take the fun out of your workouts and can hinder recovery efforts.  Bug bites and stings can cause allergic reactions for many individuals.  Better to be safe and protect yourself from environmental hazards that could prevent you from enjoying your outdoor summer workout.  Be sure to spray your sunblock and bug spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and away from food or sports bottles. 
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