Stronger Core, Stronger Body

One of the advantages of healthy living is having a stronger core and a stronger body. The core and abs support your body and all of your daily movements. Working on specific functional fitness exercises can increase your core strength and stability for a stronger and healthier lifestyle. 

There are many different types of exercises that you can do to strengthen your core muscles. One of the ways you can strengthen your body is to add a Bosu ball to your regimen. Bosu ball benefits include better stability, a strengthened core, and increased coordination. The Bosu ball is perfect for functional fitness training and stretching. Your core muscles have to activate in different ways to keep balance so it provides a more challenging workout than traditional sit-ups on the ground. 

Ball core exercises can be done on a balancing ball to help strengthen your core as well. The balance ball allows you to work a variety of different muscles. In addition to ab rolls and planks, you can also do back extensions to help support the core. Many individuals find that strengthening their core can alleviate chronic lower back pain. Balance ball training is challenging yet fun. If you have any injuries or disabilities, the balance ball provides a supported exercise that is effective. The exercises can also be modified to fit your individual needs. If you need special modifications made, contact a local personal trainer in your area so they can demonstrate how to do the exercises and also so they can watch you perform a couple of reps to make sure you are doing them properly with good form.

Pilates balance exercises also help to build a strong core and body. Pilates can help increase balance, stability, and flexibility. Pilates can be done on a mat or on a Pilates fitness machine. Both styles can help you increase your core strength for a stronger and healthier body.

Increasing your core strength increases your stability, increases your functional fitness, makes daily chores and movements easier, gives you better posture, and can help lessen lower back pain. Core exercises can be found in a variety of different activities such yoga and Pilates. You can also do core specific exercises using balance balls or other workout equipment.  A stronger core can be worked on from any location. Commit to a stronger and healthier body with core fitness.

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