Step Aerobics: Push Yourself!

Step trainers are the instructors that lead a step aerobics class. If you are new to step aerobics, let the instructor know so they can help you set up your aerobic step for class and show you a few basic moves that you can use to follow along until you learn the routine. The aerobic step is a wide piece of heavy weight plastic that you step up on when performing step aerobics. The aerobic step can sit directly on the ground. For a greater challenge, you can add risers to the aerobic step and add height and intensity to your workout.   These risers allow you to customize your workout to the level of fitness you want to perform at. Using uneven number of risers can help create a decline or incline in the aerobic step allowing you to tone up and condition greater numbers of muscles groups.

Group fitness instructor jobs are popular among trainers who have a general fitness certificate. This enables them to teach any type of aerobic or fitness class. Step aerobics help to tone up the lower body, giving definition to the legs, glutes, and hamstrings. If you are thinking to become a step instructor, you will need to complete the step instructor training first. You will learn all the moves of step aerobics and will be able to create a routine that is easy to follow yet challenging for your clients. If you have a new client that has never done step aerobics before, it is okay to perform the moves without any aerobic step all. Better to learn the routine and feel confident, than to trip over the riser and not be able to complete your workout.

Step aerobics is a cardio blasting workout that is fun to do and allows you to push yourself to perform stronger. Grab a step and get online or go to a health club to learn how to be a step instructor. You will be amazed at much fun step aerobics can be!

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