Staying Motivated with Personal Fitness Goals

How can you stay on track and stay motivated with your personal fitness goals?

Fitness and health professionals recommend you start slow to allow new fitness regimens or dietary changes to become habit. If you try to change too much too fast, it may become difficult to manage when life gets busy. You may feel discouraged as you struggle to maintain that level of change and balance it with professional and family life. There is no shame starting any kind of fitness or nutrition change as a beginner and working your way through that.  If you made a resolution to have a green smoothie every day for breakfast, find a green smoothie for beginners. It will be a little sweeter than hard core green smoothie drinkers, but you can alter the recipe after you become accustomed to having one each day.  If you made a resolution to wake up every day at 4 a.m. to run before work, start slow and make a resolution to wake up that early at least three days during the work week. After those three days have become habit, it will be much easier to add that fourth or fifth day to your training schedule because you will already be used to getting up that early. 

Keep motivational health and fitness quotes on your phone, on your training log, at your desk, or anywhere else that will help you visually stay connected to your personal fitness goal. Motivational quotes can help us overcome mental roadblocks that limit us and keep us from achieving success, such as “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone” - Michael John Bobak. Use imagery and motivational encouragement to help you get past your personal comfort zone to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Take a gym trainer course to learn more about fitness and learn new ways to workout.  If you have always struggled with a specific area of fitness, such as weight lifting, you can learn new ways to achieve similar goals.  Exercises using body weight as resistance is effective for toning, firming, and building lean muscle. Pool weights performed in a pool help to tone and firm as well while alleviating discomforts from the joints and spine. There is never just one way to do an exercise. Fitness courses help you learn how to be creative with your exercises to help you achieve your goals.

Make your workouts fun!  Incorporate something you love into your fitness routine.  If you love to play golf, sign up to do golf conditioning exercises.  It will not only help you build functional fitness and core strength; it will also help improve your sport and competitive edge. Click below to learn more about all the certifications ASFA offers! Pay only if you pass! Online, 24/7 convenience!

Personal Trainer Certification


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