Start Your Marathon Training!

Marathon training can challenge you physically and mentally.  Finding the right trainer or coach and a program that works best for you can make a huge difference in your training.  Spring is the perfect time to start your marathon training program to prepare for the Fall, also known as Marathon Season to runners.  Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot:

  1. Commit to a specific marathon and date.  Knowing which race you are training for will give your training purpose.  Training for a marathon but not having a specific marathon does not give guidance for a training schedule and can result in burn out and an increased risk of injury.  Professional training associations post events and upcoming athletic gatherings in your region and can help provide some guidance on selecting a marathon to train for.
  2. Select a training plan that works best for you.  Everyone is at different fit levels in life and everyone chooses to start marathon training for different reasons.  You might be a very fit athlete who wants to try something new and may not require a beginner marathon training plan.  You might be completely new to fitness and have always wanted to tackle the marathon to cross it off your bucket list.  Time is another thing to consider when choosing a marathon plan.  If you don’t have a lot of time for the longer runs, your training plan may have more functional fitness exercises incorporated into the training routine working core muscles to keep you free of injury and to protect your joints.  A professional personal coach can be a huge asset when trying to determine what type of marathon training plan is best for your personal needs and goals.  
  3. Get fitted for running shoes.  You would be surprised how many individuals unknowingly wear the wrong size and type of running shoes!  Do you need a stability, neutral, or motion control shoe? If you are not sure what that question means, you might be wearing the wrong running shoes.  Did you know your running shoe size is not the same size as your regular shoe size?  Wearing the wrong type or size of shoe will not give your foot the type of support it needs to protect it from the constant pounding of the pavement and risk of sport injury and chronic aches and pains are significantly increased.  Contact a local shoe store in your area and bring them your old running shoes.  They will be able to look at your wear patterns and tell you exactly what type of shoe you should be wearing.  They will also have you run and they will observe your gait and stride patterns to ensure proper fit and wear.  
  4. Find your daily dose of motivation!  For many, joining a running group provides both motivation and accountability.  It also makes the miles fun to pass as you work together towards a common goal.  A program health and wellness coach can help connect you to local groups in your area.  Pt apps can help connect you to running groups online and through social media.  Motivation is all around you and running coaches and local gyms or personal trainers can help connect you to training partners that might be training for the same marathon.

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