Senior Fitness: Training Baby-boomers

When individuals take courses to become a personal trainer, they have the option to obtain additional certifications in areas of specific interest. Those wanting to work with exercise and the elderly with need a certificate in senior fitness. Training baby-boomers are different than the younger athletes and have different needs and concerns. Knowing how to address them and work with them allows them to get the best benefits from their training and gives you the satisfaction in knowing that you have made a positive different in someone’s life.

Best exercises for elderly include moves that are low impact and functional based to increase stability and lower the risk of falling. Walking, yoga, Tai Chi, and strength conditioning with light weights are all easy exercises for elderly. These moves can also exercises for the elderly at home. Depending on age and health, getting out of the house is not always an easy task. Providing workouts that can be done at home gives them greater flexibility with scheduling and more opportunities to complete the workouts. Clients are more likely to stick with a workout that can be done anywhere instead of having the stress of finding a workout facility to complete it. Adding a weight lifting routine can be beneficial to seniors too. It can help prevent bone loss and can help add bone density. These benefits help runners prevent falls and bone fractures.

Senior fitness specialist salary is more than a traditional personal trainer. A senior fitness specialist has extra training and knowledge of generally retired age health. The more certificates you have, the more you will make. Gyms are always in high demand for trainers they can trust to work independently and diligently.

Senior fitness is something that should be part of every baby-boomer daily routine. You don’t have don’t have to go crazy with classes to have a good day or class. Any trainer with a senior fitness certification can help you make any necessary modifications to keep you and other seniors healthy.


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