Senior Fitness Certification – Improve Quality of Life

Senior fitness certification can help improve the quality of life for our aging seniors in their golden years. Senior fitness is important to maintain or improve functional fitness skills, mobility, stability, and emotional well-being. Holistic health careers include working with individuals to naturally improve the quality of their life using fitness and other natural remedies to manage health. Senior fitness does not need to be difficult to provide health benefits. Low-impact and simple exercises that are easy to perform and easy to follow are best, especially for seniors that may suffer from memory impairment where multiple step exercises are too difficult to remember.  

Senior fitness certification will teach you which exercises are best for seniors and ways to modify them to meet any accommodations that they may need to perform the exercises safely. Many seniors want to work out but need help getting started and need assistance with training tools, such as how to use an exercise ball correctly. Exercise balls are great training tools for seniors because they provide support to the body and help strengthen the core while improving stability. The risk of falling for seniors can be significantly lowered by improving their stability and balance. 

Exercise balls can also be used to improve functional fitness skills such as standing and sitting. Light resistance training with light weight dumbbells or resistance bands can help improve bone health and protect bone density from osteoporosis, which naturally happens to all of us as we age. Staying active helps to slow that process down, providing you with more physical independence and being able to actively participate in any activities you may be interested in. 

Aquatic fitness is also a great senior fitness activity. The water provides natural resistance training and the water displaces your weight, making it zero impact on your joints. Aquatic fitness can be an activity for any senior who is at high-risk for falling, or may have impaired mobility, and finds leisurely activities to be difficult. Aquatic fitness is also good for socializing which improves mental health for seniors. Short walks outside can also improve mental health and clear the mind while improving cardiovascular fitness.  

If you are looking for an independent personal trainer to work with a senior, make sure they have a senior fitness certification so they will have the experience and knowledge to help keep your loved one safe and fit. Personal fitness careers can be rewarding as you work to help others improve health, fitness, and well-being. Being fit and active is a lifestyle, not just something you do every now and then.  Commit to personal fitness for your full lifespan and get certified in senior fitness with ASFA today!



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