Self-Defense Certification: Situational Awareness

Self-defense--Improve your clients’ fitness and safety!                  

Have you ever felt that you or your clients could benefit from Self-Defense classes? Maybe there was a situation where you felt uncomfortable or vulnerable? Sadly, maybe you have been victim of a crime or harassment? Do you want to learn how to defend yourself, teach your clients to do the same, and gain the confidence and skills to safely deter a possible attack?

These questions may have crossed your mind and as a fitness instructor you can make a real difference and provide this type or training and empowerment!

Self-Defense is a great skill to be able to teach. If you can teach this art, you can appeal to a wide range of people eager to learn from you. ASFA's® Self-Defense Certification is an excellent opportunity to teach this fitness continuing education.

When you take our Self-Defense Certification, you will learn in-depth skills, drills, and expertise relating to self-defense. You will learn about the different scenarios where self-defense is appropriate, and how to use it to your advantage for yourself and others. Furthermore, you will learn different self-defense techniques and moves that you can then pass on to your clients. This practical and relevant knowledge will have great application in your future self-defense classes. Even better, ASFA's certifications are always online, 24/7 so you can complete them at your own convenience.

On completion, you can proudly be an ASFA® Self-Defense certified instructor! Moreover, you can build your own self-defense classes and start advertising your new business venture. Aside from the career benefits, you can also gain great satisfaction from the fact that you will be helping people improve their own self-defense and confidence. You will make a true difference and have a positive impact on many individuals’ lives.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to start with ASFA today!

Self Defense Instruction Certification



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