Running Coach: Endurance Coach Certification

Courses for fitness instructors can vary depending on what they choose to specialize in. Continuing education credits (CEC) can help build exciting careers in an area of specific interest. Endurance coach certification is the perfect program for running coaches and other endurance sports coaching. 

Running coaches who obtain endurance coach certification can help take your performance to the next level for faster times and better form. These benefits can help you be more competitive in your sport and help you reach faster personal best times for personal achievements. Running coaches can help you work on runners strength alternatives to increase endurance and fitness.

Working with a running coach can also help identify imbalances and work on form to correct those imbalances to lessen the chance of sports related injury. Following an individualized program that strengthens form and corrects imbalances can help you stay in your sport and enjoy it longer. Many individuals who end up having to give up running due to injury have become injured over poor form and have never had a running coach to identify or improve their form. Continuing to run with bad form can result in long term chronic pain in the ankles, knees, and/or hips. Working with a running coach who has endurance coach certification can help recommend strength alternatives, such as elliptical training, rowing, or cycling to help strengthen the weaker muscles without putting extra strain on your joints.

Endurance coach certification can also help take a client from short distance running to long distance running. Running a 5k (3.1 miles) has a completely different training plan and nutrition plan than running a marathon distance (26.2 miles). Exercises for legs, such as forward lunges and side lunges, will be implemented into your training plan as cross-training helps build the muscle around your knee joints to protect them while running at longer distances. Dietary responsibilities are different for longer distance training, as more calories are needed for the body to perform at the effort needed. Your macro needs, such as protein, carbs, and fat, will be adjusted as your distance and mileage grows to accommodate the needs of your body for improved sports performance. Food is fuel and having the right kind of fuel and hydration can make your body a powerhouse for competition. Nutrition can be a delicate balance for many athletes and having a coach with endurance coach certification can help you be better prepared for your specific sport and individual dietary needs. 

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