Personal Training: A Lifestyle

Personal training is not just a popular career choice for individuals who have jobs in the fitness industry. It is part of their lifestyle that influences many aspects of their life. A personal trainer (PT) job description might describe a personal trainer as someone who coaches people to achieve greater fitness. Personal training from the trainer’s perspective is so much bigger than that. Their passion for fitness and health extends into their lifestyle and makes training not just something they do for a career, but is part of who they are.  

The business of personal training extends far beyond what happens inside a gym or health club. It begins with the mind and mental shift to focus on what motivates individuals to continue building and striving for their goals. It makes personal training more personal and purposeful. 

If you are training without a goal or purpose, it may be hard over time to keep up that passion and momentum in your routine. Many who fall into that trap become bored and lose that motivation without ever reaching their goals. Those with clearly defined goals are able to mentally push through those difficult times because they know what they are working for. They are willing to put up the extra fight to get there. Personal trainers are able to help with that mental aspect of fitness and change the thought process that often reflects into other areas of your life in a positive way. 

For example, if you want to run a 5K race, you would not think of stopping halfway into the race simply because you are tired. You have been mentally trained by your personal trainer to push through that and keep going. You might even have a mantra that you say to yourself to get you through the low points. That same mantra can be used in business or personal events when you need to find extra inner strength to get a difficult task done or work through a difficult time in your life. This is where your training has influenced you enough to be part of your lifestyle.  

The lifestyles of personal trainers reflect the joy and enthusiasm that they have for fitness and health. They may start a fitness business or specialize in something specific like baby boomers fitness.  They love spreading that passion for health everywhere they go and ultimately want to influence and inspire others to have a healthy and fit lifestyle so that they can be healthier and more independent in their later years.   

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