CPR Requirements for Fitness Pros, Save 20% with MyCPR NOW

Anyone who has considered a fitness career will need to complete fitness and personal training courses to work toward becoming a certified personal trainer. Becoming a certified personal trainer is easier than you think!  With fitness and nutrition degrees online, you have greater flexibility with your choice of education style and time management. 

The educational portion for a certified personal trainer can be done in a traditional-styled classroom setting if you have a local personal trainer school near you. If there is not a school near you that offers certifications for personal training, you can complete the educational requirements online at your own pace in your own free time. Online classes are perfect for individuals who want to make a career change while continuing to work full time. Online fitness certification classes also allow trainers to work on additional certifications to help them broaden their knowledge and diversify their skills into other facets of the fitness industry. Once your educational requirements have been completed, you are ready to take the certification exam for personal training. The certification exam is the same regardless if you have done your studies online or in a classroom. Many of the online study programs allow you the option to test on line as well, making the process convenient for many individuals.

Be sure to check before you test that you have completed all of the requirements for the personal fitness training certificate you are testing for. Many certified personal trainer programs require that you also be certified in CPR and AED before being eligible to test. There are many accredited CPR and AED certification courses throughout the country that can provide you the training and certification you need in less than one day. Some programs, like MyCPR NOW, will allow you to do the CPR and AED certifications online. Be sure to check on your specific education plan to see if you need to complete those before testing.

After you have completed your educational requirements and have taken and passed the certification exam for personal training, you are eligible to be hired as a certified personal physical trainer.  You can work at any health club or private studio as a trainer. You may decide to work online and use social media as your platform for marketing and advertisement. Whichever path you choose to go down, you will enjoy the benefits of being a certified personal trainer and helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

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