Martial Arts Fitness Certification: Fighting Fit Cert!

Are you fighting fit?  Are you a fitness professional interested in martial arts or a martial arts instructor interested in fitness instruction?  If either is the case, then you are at the right place!  We all understand that martial arts is as much about the mindset as the physical.  But, the physical is still half of the battle!  Martial artists can punch, kick and grapple better, harder and longer by optimizing their gym workouts!  

Fighting fitness is about the ability to perform powerful dynamic movements and the endurance to keep yourself from being "winded".  Learning about the correct exercise techniques and the ideal nutritional loading is just part of what you will learn by becoming a Martial Arts Fitness Instructor. You will also learn about safety considerations for impact sports (and fight training!), accessories for training, high and low-impact methods of training and more.

Just click the link below to learn more about becoming a Martial Arts Fitness Instructor!

Martial Arts Fitness Certification

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