Make a Mantra – Best Quotes for Fitness Motivation

Nutrition and fitness courses teach you everything you need to learn about working out, getting fit, and maintaining a desired level of fitness. What a nutrition and fitness coach provides is mental strength. Mental strength, or motivation and drive, can be difficult for some people to obtain for a variety of different reasons that are sometimes simply out of anyone’s control. Making a mantra, or meaningful motivating phrase, can help increase mental strength, focus, determination, drive, and provide you an inner strength that carries over into other aspects of your life with positive attributes.   

Many athletes will find fitness quotes motivational and encouraging as they engage in challenging training or competition.  Each person has jumped over their own hurdles in life to get where they are as they continue to move forward within their fitness journey. This is the reason why there are so many inspirational quotes or mantras and each person should individualize their mantra to make it their own for the strongest emotional attachment to it. What works for one person might be meaningless to another. Finding what motivates you and what inspires you can help you personalize your mantra to make it the most beneficial to you.

If you ever run a marathon or get to cheer marathoners on as a spectator, you will get to read many signs with many varieties of fitness quotes to help motivate runners to stay strong and finish strong. You might see a bizarre sign with a quote that doesn’t make any sense to you. These are the personal mantras for the specific runner they came to cheer on! These signs help build mental strength for the runners because, “We don’t stop when we’re tired, we stop when we cross the finish line." Some of the signs will make you laugh like the ones that read, “You’re running better than the government!” or “Don’t Stop!  Keep Going!....that’s what she said!” or maybe “Run like you stole something!”  All of these take the runner’s mind off the pain and helps them focus on getting to that finish line that they trained so hard for. Some athletes will simply use a single word such as “Unstoppable” or “Unbreakable” that they repeat to themselves as motivation and encouragement to not give up.  

Find what inspires you and motivates you and use that for your mantra in fitness and in life. Click below to learn more about all of the specialty fitness certifications ASFA offers! Test and get certified today!



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