Lessening Seasonal Depression with Fitness!

Seasonal depression can affect all of us at some point in our lives. Shorter days followed by fewer hours of sunlight can be dreary for even the most optimistic at times. Using fitness to beat seasonal depression can be beneficial and help to keep you in shape.

Layer up and go outside! There are no rules that state you have to stay indoors when the temperatures fall. Grab your layers and get outside. Being outside provides feelings of joy and being in the sunshine, even when it is cold, helps to wake the body up and signals feelings of happiness to the brain. Start a walking club or running club. Anything to help get you outside during the colder months is a plus. Having a club or friends to do it with provides accountability. You know you will go outside to work out if you have someone else relying on you and that works both ways.

Try a new fitness class! If you live somewhere where the climate outside is just brutal in the winter, try a new fitness class at a local health club or studio. Trying something new can be fun and challenging in new ways. It helps to get you out of the house. It helps you connect with other people who are like minded and have similar goals. You get the mental stimulation of trying something new and you may end up liking it a lot more than you originally thought!

Reap the mental benefits of fitness! Working out helps the body adapt better to dealing with stress. The colder months bring the stress of the holiday seasons as well. Choosing to stay fit over the colder months will help you naturally fight stress so that you can have a more joyful holiday season. You don’t have to travel far or sign up for anything to benefit from fitness. You can do a fitness video at home or just practice yoga and meditate in a quiet place.

Seasonal depression can often be lessened by implementing physical fitness. Choosing to deal with depression using fitness can help you keep fit and upbeat over the colder months. Staying fit over the seasonal holidays also helps to keep your immune system strong, keeping you healthy during cold and flu season. Use this transitional time to try something new or start a new group to keep you going when it’s cold outside. You will be happy you did when Spring comes!

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