Kettlebell Certification Course Online

Kettlebell certification course online programs teach you everything you need to know about kettlebell training and building personal fitness and strength with kettlebell exercises. Certification programs in kettlebell training can help you with resistance training and strength and conditioning coaching. A certified fitness instructor will need to have knowledge in both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to create a well-rounded and balanced fitness plan. Kettlebell training is unique in that it provides both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, allowing you to achieve full body conditioning and toning.  

Kettlebell workouts are full body workouts that are effective in total body conditioning. Kettlebell workouts improve core strength and stability through explosive movements that require core contractions from multiple directions. Kettlebell training also improves coordination and athleticism. Kettlebell exercises are different from traditional strength training that uses weight machines and barbells because you are moving in multiple directions and have complete control of the movements. Weight machines have a very limited range of motion and if not adjusted to your body properly, can be used incorrectly and then not effectively. Barbells only allow linear movements so you do not gain a large range of movement from the exercises. Kettlebell workouts burn more calories than other workouts because you are combining cardio (aerobic) and strength training (anaerobic) exercises together that helps blast calories, boosts metabolism, improves muscle tone, increases sports endurance, and improves cardiovascular health. 

Fitness instructor requirements include basic personal trainer certification and CPR training. Fitness trainers, who want to do more than basic training, will need to continue their personal education in fitness to include specialty certificates such as the kettlebell certification. Having additional certifications in fitness allows trainers to be able to train more clients and different types of group fitness classes. If they have a specific interest in a special type of training, having additional certifications will allow them to move into the fitness areas they enjoy working in the most. Additional certifications also make you stand out against other applicants when applying for employment opportunities at health clubs. Trainers with more certifications are also paid at a higher rate. Completing a kettlebell certification course online could help you obtain a higher paying fitness job and secure additional clients who want to train specifically with your skill set.  

Kettlebell certification is one of the most popular fitness instructor training courses that is sought out for all of its many benefits. Visit the link below to get started with ASFA’s Kettlebell Certification! 24/7 online convenience, pay only if you pass!



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