Improve Your Competitive Edge with Sport Specific Coach Training

Sport specific coaching can help give you a more competitive edge with specialized training that is designed for your specific performance needs. Athletes that train at a professional level or even individuals that are interested in learning a new sport can both benefit from trainers who have specific sport coaching certification in the field or sport that they want to participate in. A basic personal trainer creates basic fitness plans that are individualized to meet you at the fitness level you are currently at and build from that. Sport specific coaching does the same thing, however it focuses on exercises that specific to your sport to enhance athleticism, reduce risk of injury, and promote faster recovery times so that you can train harder and push yourself harder on competition day.

If you are considering getting a personal trainer to help you with sports, look for qualifications and sport coaching certifications to help you reach your goals. For example, if you want to run your very first marathon, you would not want to go to a bodybuilder coach for fitness training tips. You would want to go to a running coach for advice on training and running your marathon. Other types of trainers could give you generalized fitness tips, but if they have not trained for marathons or other endurance type events before, they may not be able to give you specific tips or advice. They would not have knowledge of special diets associated with specific types of training and they may not be able to help you with mental strength and pushing through pain to reach your goals. The same is true with the roles reversed. If a runner decided to take a break and try bodybuilding, their running coach would not be able to assist them as well as a bodybuilding fitness specialist or coach who is skilled in strength and resistance training. 

The best athletic trainers have sport specific certifications specializing in their sport and skill.  Their knowledge, skill, and expertise in their chosen field of specialty can help you become a better athlete with improved competitive performance.

Sport Specific Trainer Certification


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