How to Build a Personal Training Client Base

Once you complete the requirements to be a personal trainer, you are ready to test and start building your client base. Passing your personal trainer test is how to get a personal training certification. Your certification shows your potential clients that you have completed all of your education for a personal trainer career.

One of the best ways to start building your client base is to use social media to get the word out. For trainers who plan to work one-on-one in their own free time, you can tag friends and networking groups to let them know that you are certified and now accepting new clients. Being active on social media is the best way for networking in a fast paced environment. Many active adults enjoy the flexibility of having an online coach and are disciplined enough to complete an online workout that is sent to them. You can form group chats to keep every accountable for their workouts and be that virtual cheerleader for online training. These clients, with active networking, can be long term clients and enjoy all the benefits of one-on-one coaching with an online approach. You can add these online clients to a grouped social blast so that they can receive daily interactions from you. Whether it be a “great job” , motivational quote, or a recipe of the day, daily interaction will be vital from you to make this successful.

Another way to build a client base is through your local health clubs and private studios. They often receive a high turnover rate of trainers due to flexibility of pay and hours. Put your name out there! They may have personal training opening for immediate hire or may have clients that are on a waitlist for somebody with your expertise.

Another idea to help build client bases is with advertisements in your local Moms groups and Mothers-Day-Out programs at local preschools and churches. Many moms are eager to get back into training after these types of programs give them some free time to themselves. A lot of churches have fitness facilities onsite. You can offer training services that start right after Mothers-Day-Out drop off. Word of mouth gets around fast when your clients are happy and start seeing the results they want.

Building a personal training client base is easier than you think. Sometimes you have to see where there trends are and where your expertise would be best utilized. Whether you want to offer personal training classes in person or offer online fitness instructor courses, get your name out there! Use social media and friends to help get your name out there and let people know that you are accepting new clients. For some struggling with fitness, seeing your advertisement can be a blessing in disguise and exactly what they need to make that commitment to themselves.

Personal Training Certification

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