How to Become a Bootcamp Fitness Instructor

Becoming a bootcamp fitness instructor is a fun and high energy method to engage your clients to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. Bootcamp requirements involve a strong knowledge of weight training, interval training, functional fitness, plyometric movements and stretching. These skills are all rolled together to create a fast paced yet functional class. The classes will differ vastly between instructors depending on what their strongest knowledge or personal preferences

A bootcamp instructor certification can be taken as an online fitness instruction course. Many instructors will use the certification to enhance an existing personal training certificate. Understanding the biomechanics of bootcamp style movements will allow you to make safe modifications for individuals who have limitations or special needs. The workouts need to be challenges, but the presentation needs to be fun and exciting so your clients will always feel welcome and appreciated.

Bootcamp training can help with general functional fitness and helps to build core strength. Having a strong core and strengthening your functional fitness skills will help to keep you injury free and provide a greater ease in day to day activities.

Bootcamp fitness training can be performed anywhere and with minimal equipment. Bootcamp classes are popping up in health clubs, outside in parking lots, in schools, and in private studios. Be creative and have fun while creating your class instruction plan. Having a certification as a Bootcamp instructor will give you the skills and knowledge you need to make you a valuable asset in the fitness community. The more certifications you have, the move knowledge you will have to create your training sessions. Incorporating many different types of fitness into your routine helps prevent boredom and keeps your routine fresh and fun.

Becoming a bootcamp fitness instructor is a fun way to help others achieve their fitness goals. You will have the knowledge to create fun routines and also to assist with modifications for injured or new runners. Get your bootcamp fitness instructor certification today and be an inspiration to the fitness community!

Bootcamp Instructor Certification

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