HIIT Training - Workouts in Half of the Time

Do you have limited time for working out but need the benefits of a full workout? High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT Training is the workout choice for you! HIIT workouts have grown in popularity for their high energy classes and their unique way for torching calories through interval training.

Interval training workouts are the best for burning calories because it splits the workout into many different mini cardio sessions, allowing your heart rate to get high for short periods of time repeatedly. The active recoveries in between the cardio sessions are usually weight training using either traditional weights, kettle bells, or simply using your own body weight as resistance like plyometric exercises. The intervals are designed to give it your all for a short amount of time. Unlike traditional workouts where you pace yourself to last the duration of a fitness class, HIIT training gives 100% effort all out during each new cardio interval. Due to the intense nature of the class, you are able to accomplish a full workout in half the time. This is most appealing to individuals who have little extra time to work out or looking for something more intense to restart their fitness plan.

HIIT training also combines a lot of functional fitness moves, building stronger skills for more productive days. Those high intensity moves in class can help you lift children at home or help you with balance and stability for increased heath. Any moves that can help strengthen your daily job or routine fall under functional fitness. Functional fitness can look different for different people, depending on what activities you do on a normal basis.

Do not be fooled by thinking that a shorter workout session provides half the benefits. HIIT training can actually burn more calories than its traditional counterpart. Because the intervals and weight training are always changing, you challenge yourself differently and use different muscles. Challenging yourself in different ways provides you an opportunity to burn more calories more efficiently and faster, giving you a cutting edge in your fitness plan.

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