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HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training certification programs are one of the more popular fitness certification classes. HIIT classes are well-loved for their intensity and calorie blasting benefits. Articles about health and fitness highlight the benefits of adding high-intensity interval training into your fitness regime to achieve the greatest gain in personal fitness. 

Getting a certification in HIIT can be made easily with online training and online certification courses. Ask a personal trainer how they got their training, and many will say they did their coursework online. Having this specialty certification can help increase athletic trainer pay or salary, and will help increase knowledge and skills for interval training. Interval training can be beneficial for individuals wanting to burn the most calories from a single workout. Interval training can also be beneficial to athletes as they improve their functional fitness and decrease their risks of having a sports related injury. High-intensity interval training can help build cardiovascular fitness and well as improve muscle tone.

HIIT training uses timed segments for the intervals. You might have a 3:1 ratio that many trainers use. This means three minutes of cardio followed by 1 minute of resistance training or active recovery. Trainers get the opportunity to be creative with their workout intervals to help prevent boredom or burnout from their clients. This ratio can be changed as needed to help fit your client’s individual needs and physical accommodations. 

You don’t need any specialized equipment to participate or teach HIIT. Cardio segments can be as simple as jogging in place. Resistance training segments can be as easy as doing squats or lunges. Using your own bodyweight for resistance makes sure that you always have what you need to complete your workout.   Trainers at health clubs will often have equipment with them to make each class unique and fun.  They might use an aerobic step for the cardio segments and exercise bands for the resistance portions. 

Getting certified in High-Intensity Interval Training means that you are ready to take your personal fitness to the next level.  Increase your personal fitness and work toward career growth and advancements with HIIT certification.  To learn more about becoming a HIIT Instructor, just click the link below!

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