Health and Wellness – More Than just Being In-Shape

Being fit is more than just being in-shape. Holistic careers in health and wellness help us to understand the bigger picture for improved overall wellbeing. There are many different factors that can affect your health and wellness. Quality of sleep, stress, job stability, financial stability, relational stress, environmental factors, and social expectations can all influence your health and wellness as well as impact your personal fitness routine. When considering which changes to make to your lifestyle for improved health and wellness, a fitness professional with holistic health certification can help you with positive lifestyle changes for improved overall wellness. 

Not all fitness certification courses are created equally. Many fitness certifications focus solely on exercise with the idea that the more somebody works out, the healthier they could be. This philosophy could lead to disaster, especially when the expectations are so high that the goals are no longer realistic.  The client’s risk for injury is significantly increased, accountability and motivation are challenged, and burn out becomes a risk factor when only fitness is considered when trying to improve health. When taking a more holistic approach to examine other factors in life that could be impacting nutrition, wellness and health, positive lifestyle changes that are specific to the root of the problem can be addressed without having to add additional workout hours. For example, if a client is participating in a weight loss training program, but cannot seem to lose weight, a holistic approach may be able to identify that irregular eating habits and poor sleep quality could be wreaking havoc on the client’s metabolism and cortisol levels in the body, thus preventing the client from reaching their personal fitness goals. If the client had simply added more exercises to their routine, it would have made the situation worse by adding additional environmental stressors.

Use health and wellness to enhance your fitness goals. Fitness and wellness compliment each other.  You cannot outrun a poor diet and your lifestyle habits are the foundation for personal wellness.  If you are not getting the results you want from your personal fitness program, consider working with a holistic health and wellness trainer to see what possible environmental factors could be a negative factor in your routine so that specific and goal oriented changes can be made.

Health and Wellness Coach Certification

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