Gym Trainer Qualifications: Basic to Advanced

If you have considered obtaining a gym trainer certification, you know how to get a personal training certificate. You will go through your requirements to be a personal trainer and pass the CPT exam. Passing that first test will give you the basic training you need to train.

A basic personal trainer certificate allows you to work one on one with clients to help them in designing a resistance training program or cardio routine that is best for them in achieving their personal goals. You will get to assist with basic questions and solutions to fitness and health related topics such as calories per pound of fat needed to burn in order to lose weight. You will be able to perform a skin-fold measurement to help create a starting point and a solid number to track growth and progress. You may even be asked for free bodybuilding tips from individuals interested in increasing muscular growth and strength.

As the questions from clients become more detailed and you start receiving clients that have specific physical needs or injuries that they are trying to overcome, a more advanced skill set will be required. Many trainers will study for multiple certifications to help bridge that gap from basic to advanced qualifications. These extra sets of skills will help them branch out to help a broader range of clients, making them in higher demand and with higher pay as a gym trainer.

A gym trainer with more advanced qualifications will be able to calculate caloric expenditure by activity and discuss advanced concepts of personal training textbook scenarios. They will understand the VO2 max table and be able to assist in sport specific areas of endurance training. They will be able to use their personal fitness instructor certification to the max with their advanced qualifications.

Gym trainers range in qualifications from basic to advanced. Both have specific jobs and needs that they fill within the fitness community. Trainers are able to advance their own studies anytime whether it be during a fitness workshop or an online course. There are always opportunities for personal growth to help others.

Personal Training Certification

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