Grip Strengthening – How to Do it

Personal fitness coaching jobs get to work with many athletes and individuals who want to strengthen their grips for a variety of reasons. Some common sports related benefits include stronger club swings when playing golf, better hand control and strength in martial arts training for kids and adults, and stronger output during military fitness training such as bootcamp-styled exercises.

Grip strengthening exercises can also help older individuals wanting to improve functional fitness by having a better grip on things, building up the muscle supporting the wrists to protect the joints better, and having stronger arms overall to help with physical independence and overall quality of life.  

Pull-ups and chin-ups are both great exercises for strengthening the grip and hands. Many fitness centers have pull-up bars along with accommodations for those who are new to that exercise and need more support getting all the way up. Proper form should be used to not put strain on the back or wrists. Any personal trainer at a health club would be able to demonstrate or critique your form to make sure the exercise is done correctly. 

‘Farmer’s Walk’ with dumbbells in each hand is another way to strengthen the grip and hands. This can be done by all age groups and fitness levels. Simply walking with a dumbbell in each hand helps build up those forearm muscles. The weight of the dumbbells should be noticeably heavy, but not so heavy that it causes poor posture.  

Manipulative devices are also available for older citizens or anyone who wants to boost their grip. These items, also known as stress balls, can be squeezed regularly to improve the strength of your grip. Seniors can also use a very light dumbbell to do wrist lifts while seated to help strengthen the forearm. 

If you have a specific goal or special concern, be sure to meet with a personal trainer in your area so that an individualized fitness plan can be created for you with any necessary accommodations.

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