Golf Fitness – Does it Help Your Game?

Core exercise balls can help strengthen your core muscles. Building a strong core in golf can improve your posture and form so that your swings are more efficient and powerful. A stronger core is also associated with a better supported back with fewer problems of chronic lower back aches. Stronger core muscles can help decrease your risk of sports injury and can help speed up recovery times between games. Core strength ball workouts can help your overall performance and help you stand out from the competition.  

Functional fitness  for sport specific functions can help decrease the risk of injuries, improve form, improve strength, decrease chronic aches and pains, improve muscle recovery time, and can help balance muscular imbalances and prevent muscular imbalances from occurring. For example, your main lead for your swing comes from the arms and is powered through the hips. Making sure your less dominant side also receives strengthening exercises can help prevent strains, pulls, and muscular fatigue. Improving posture and form can ensure that movements are done correctly, decreasing your risks for sports injury and muscular tears. Sport specific training can help you work through the essentials of strength training and conditioning with specific programs geared to help your performance in your specific sport.  

Golf fitness doesn’t have to be performed exclusively at a health club or gym. There are exercises that you can do at home to improve your performance and strength. Pushups, plank holds, and deadbugs are all great exercises for improving core strength and stability. Pelvic rotations help improve form and posture while protecting the lower back. Squats and lunges help to improve mobility, stability, and strength while building functional fitness. If you are prone to injury or are recovering from injury, be sure to talk with a personal trainer or golf fitness instructor so that modifications and accommodations can be made to fit your specific personal needs. Improve your game and performance with golf fitness! 

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