Get More Clients by Keeping Your Gym Cleaner

When clients are looking for a new gym to join or are contemplating the continuation of a gym membership, the cleanliness of your facility can have a huge impact on that decision. Your gym may have the best exercise trainers or the best type of rowing machine on the market. If your facility is dirty and disorganized, new memberships and membership retention can be negatively impacted.

Running a successful gym or health club goes beyond fitness personal training. Clients want to see the bigger picture and expect a certain level of cleanliness from the gym management. With so much competition to choose from when picking out a gym membership, gym owners and managers need to make cleanliness a top priority for their clients. Facilities that make cleanliness a top priority have the best success with new members and member retention.

Organizing your workout stations in an orderly fashion that flows is one way to make your gym cleaner. Having equipment that doesn’t go together or equipment that is sporadically placed makes it difficult for clients to find the equipment they need and complete their workouts without added stress or confusion. Many gyms will sort stations for resistance training with weight machines, strength training with free weights, and a cardio station for heart health and endurance training.  Larger gyms will have classrooms for group fitness classes and other amenities such as pools, sauna, basketball courts and an indoor track. Organizing your facility to make it easy for clients to find what they need will ensure that your clients will continue coming back for ease of workout accessibility.

Cleaning and sanitizing your gym is another way to make your facility cleaner. Gym equipment should be cleaned and sanitized daily. Gyms should have anti-bacterial wipes available for members to wipe down equipment when they are finished using it throughout the day. Cleaning the equipment and sanitizing often can help reduce the amount of germs and the transfer of bacteria from one person to another. Fitness classrooms, pool areas, basketball courts, and tracks need to be cleaned and sanitized as well in addition to restroom and shower facilities. When clients see their gyms go the extra mile to make sure their facility is cleaned and sanitized, the clients feel better knowing that the facility and staff care about their health. Having a clean and sanitized gym is one of the top things that new members will look for when scouting for a new gym to join.

Do your part and make sure your facility is both organized and clean so that your number of new memberships will increase, and you will retain your hard-earned current members!

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