Fitness Instructor Certification: Which One is Right for You?

Have you ever wondered which fitness certification is right for you?  If so, you aren't alone.  

At ASFA®, we get customer support emails regularly asking, "Which fitness certification is right for me?"  It is a good question, and one that isn't easy to answer.  For experienced fitness professionals, determining the correct speciality certification can be challenging. For example, if your client demographic is mostly elderly or senior citizens, then Senior Fitness or Water Aerobics might be the right fit. On the other hand, if you are training professional athletes, then Sport Specific Training and Speed and Agility Instruction might be the right solution for your situation.

But, let's be real. Most of us are not training solely professional athletes or solely elderly. If you are in an average gym with a normal demographic, then are you training a diverse population. In that case, you should start with refreshing your knowledge as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). You can take ASFA's CPT certification online, at your own pace and in your own convenient time. From Personal Training to the next qualification becomes more about tailoring to the population you are serving.  It's great to study the fitness courses you want, but remember - you are in a service industry.  You need to study what is best for your clients (not just what interests you).  

So, start by refreshing your knowledge as a fitness professional with our Certified Personal Training exam and then determine what specializations would be service your client base!
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