Female Fitness: A Gender-Specific Specialty

Women’s personal training certification includes gender specific exercises that benefit women. Of course all exercises can be performed by all genders, but women have specific needs that are different from men. For example, women are more prone to osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass as they age. Men have greater bone density and more muscle mass than women and do not lose as much compared to women during their menopausal years. Female athletes also have to alter their workouts as they prepare their bodies for their reproductive years. Female fitness continues to change during pregnancy and post pregnancy again. A women’s personal trainer learns how to guide women through their fitness goals that are specific to their bodies as they learn how to become a women’s fitness trainer.

After you complete your fitness trainer education requirements, you are able to test for your physical trainer certificate. This allows you to be hirable in a health club or private studio. Many trainers will add on additional training or certificates to specialize in a specific area of interest. For female fitness, courses such as a back injury prevention program are beneficial since lower back pain is common for women, especially women who are expecting or are post-partum. Self-defense for women is also a popular gender specific course in female fitness. Safety is always a concern, but there has been a rise in demand for personal safety in women’s fitness since so many career minded women must start their workout in the early morning hours before sunrise and often alone. Teaching self-defense for women can be empowering and provide an extra boost to their self-esteem and personal body image.

Strength training can help ward off osteoporosis in the later years. Strength training also helps to protect the joints and add greater stability and functionality to daily activities. Strength training and functional fitness training can help prevent falls too, allowing aging adults to remain independent and happier.

Women’s fitness is exercises that meet those specific needs of women. They can be enjoyed by all, but tailored to meet the individual needs of women during the different phases of her life.

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