Fat Burning Foods: Ignite Your Diet!

We all know that eating healthy foods and having a clean diet can lead to a healthier lifestyle, a lower BMI, decreased risk of disease and an overall increased feeling of wellness. Not all foods are equal and some foods can actually help you obtain your fat burning goals more quickly.

Berries and grapefruits have been admired by nutritionists for their antioxidant qualities and their ability to fight inflammation. Their high water content can help you feel fuller and protect you from cravings. Grapefruit intake can lower insulin  and has been shown in studies to actually help to protect your body from storing fat!

Chili peppers and green tea have both been hailed to increase your metabolism, thus increasing your caloric burn. The compound present in green tea is what makes green tea stand out as a fat burner. The chili peppers require your body to use a few calories to digest and break down. Other types of spicy peppers apply to this as well.

Whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice, bulgar and oatmeal are also good choices to help burn fat from your diet. Whole grains protein your body from absorbing too much fat and also work to stabilize blood sugar.

Salmon, eggs and lean protein sources also work to burn fat and build muscle while aiding in lean muscle mass. Whey protein powders an also be used to reap the benefits of added protein in the diet.

Nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, have also been linked to healthy fat burning diets. Nuts aid in building strong muscles and reducing cravings. Beans and nut butters are also beneficial in the diet. Peanut butter has been shown to boost testosterone levels (yes, for you woman out there as well!).

Fixing your diet to become a fat burning machine is easier than you think. Adding some of these foods into your meals can help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals more quickly. Mindful eating is the key to good nutritional health.

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