Fall Back in Love With Fitness

Individuals who have not been consistent with their New Year’s fitness resolutions or have not seen the results that they wanted may start to lose motivation around this time of year.  Do not despair!  Sometimes a fresh perspective can provide a better holistic approach to help you get back on track.  Here are some ways you can fall back in love with your fitness routine:

  1. Consider hiring a personal trainer to help you complete a fitness assessment, create a personal trainer profile, and create a personalized fitness plan. Many gyms can provide a personal trainer offer package with their membership that can help you get the most out of your workouts. 
  2. Keep a personal trainer log. Writing down your fitness routines and tracking your fitness can provide two benefits.  The first benefit is accountability.  Writing down your workouts is a visual reminder of what needs to be done and can also provide a feeling of accomplishment to see what you have completed that day or week.  The second benefit is that data that your training log provides.  If you stop seeing results, you can go back to your training log to see what was done (or wasn’t done) that week and make appropriate adjustments. 
  3. Try a new physical fitness course or experiment with different exercise equipment, such as a workout ball. Working on the ball can help build functional fitness and core strength.  Exercise balls can also work muscles from different angles aiding in the building of lean muscle tissue and improved stability. 
  4. Look into wellness coaching for a holistic approach to fitness. Holistic wellness coaching looks at other factors that could be impacting your fitness in a negative way to help create better balance.  Factors that wellness coaching will consider are levels of stress in your life, type of job you have, daily sleep patterns, daily dietary habits, amount of free time you have to work out.  These factors can impact your success in fitness planning and can be used to help create realistic fitness goals as the client strives to work towards a better balance in multiple areas in their life for better overall health.
  5. Invite a friend to join you for a fitness class! Accountability levels are much higher in individuals that have a regular workout partner.  Even when you don’t feel like working out, your workout partner will encourage you to get your workout done because you are completing the workout together.  Small groups work well too for fitness groups such as runners and cyclists.  A unique subculture is often created from these groups of fitness enthusiasts.  Workout partners can help make workouts fun and can help keep you motivated and inspired as you work towards similar fitness goals.
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