Dance & Hip-hop Certification: Moving to the Beat!

Dance/Hip-Hop Fitness Certification

Become a professional dance fitness instructor and teach something you truly enjoy!    

Hip-hop dance as a form of fitness is an extremely fun activity to engage in. Since the late 1960's, hip-hop has been a hugely popular genre of dance and has captivated a wide audience with its complex moves and upbeat music. This form of dance has evolved from its humble beginnings and now has a great following of dedicated dancers and groups to compete at the highest level for fame and for the love of the genre.

Dance fitness is a great area of the industry to progress into and can offer a wide variety of opportunities for the aspiring fitness professional. You can choose which type of dance you would like to specialize in. Maybe you want to become a hip-hop legend, or maybe you would prefer a classic dance like swing, salsa or ballroom? Whatever the choice, ASFA’s dance fitness instruction certifications will help you on your way to success.

The ASFA® dance & hip-hop instruction certification is a highly popular and credible option that will give you the chance to try something new. When taking this qualification, you will learn about the history of the genre, and a variety of different moves and techniques such as breaking, locking and popping. Furthermore, you will learn how dance can be used as a fitness activity, and what benefits it will provide to your clients.

You will feel fully immersed in the hip-hop dance genre and will feel confident that you can now create and lead your own dance fitness classes. This online certification is the perfect way to get involved in the world of dance and to improve your career prospects. Once certified, you will be able to appeal to a new range of customers who want to learn how to move to the dance and hip-hop beat!

Dance/Hip-hop Fitness Certification

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