Couple's Fitness-Share your love of fitness!

With Valentine’s Day approaching and love in the air, couples are looking for fun and unique ways to spend time together. Get your heart pumping for each other by treating your loved one to a couple’s fitness class and strengthen both your love and your heart health. 

General wellness consultants encourage individuals to invite their partners to join them on their personal fitness journey. This can mean joining them for workout sessions or attending a group fitness class with them. It can also mean being their personal cheerleader and to celebrate the smaller milestones as they work their way to reaching their bigger fitness goals. Healthy living benefits the couple as a whole by relieving stress, improving the quality of sleep, and better overall fitness and health. Couple's fitness classes are becoming trendy as couples look for ways to get fit together and to share those heart healthy benefits.

Valentine’s Day themed runs or walks are popular for couples looking to combine fitness with holiday-themed fun. These themed races have couples compete against other couples. Each couple wears the same bib number and the finisher’s medal is usually heart-themed and will often fit together to make a single larger medal. Other races will use a rope to tether the couples together as they run, forcing them to work together as a team to run the same pace. These races are not competitive like other races are. They are for fun and an opportunity for couples to sweat it out together and improve their cardiovascular health. 

Couple's Yoga is another great option for couple’s fitness and is designed for both partners to be engaged in poses together, not just next to each other as a typical yoga class has. Couple's Yoga is also known as Acroyoga or Acro-Yoga. The name combines acrobatics and yoga together because a partner is lifted during the yoga poses. These yoga poses can strengthen intimacy, trust, and confidence, taking your personal fitness and your personal relationship to the next level. A trainer with yoga training certification can help you and your partner explore couples yoga exercises if there is not a couple's Yoga or Acroyoga class offered near you. 

Hiking is another fun couple’s fitness idea for those couples who enjoy being outdoors. Doing this activity together helps you accomplish three fun and fit benefits: getting fit together, spending time together, and engaging the mind while exploring a new location together. Make a day trip together and explore a nearby trail. If you don’t have a trail near you, plan a weekend getaway and take a road trip to a national park. Invite other couples with you for a mini couple’s fitness vacation. Fitness ideas to do together as a couple are endless. Working out together helps strengthen your friendship and your heart. Sharing your active lifestyle with your partner can lead to many adventures as you both improve your personal fitness. Even couples who are at different fitness levels can benefit from working out together. Couples who sweat together, stick together!

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