Check Out Our New Tactical Fitness Certification!

ASFA's tactical fitness certification is one of the fastest growing fields for fitness specialty certifications. These high energy, high impact classes blast fat and calories for a challenging full body workout. Tactical fitness classes blend martial arts fitness and boot camp style classes together to create a unique class that fits the needs of military families and martial arts enthusiasts. 

A fitness instructor certificate in tactical fitness can be found online with ASFA, one of the leading fitness instructor certification providers on the market. Fitness coaching software can help compliment online certification programs to help you get the most out of your training. Adding additional fitness certifications can help improve your fitness business plan by keeping you up to date on current fitness trends and classes. Being able to study and test online provides the opportunity to obtain your fitness trainer license instantly after passing the certification exam at the end of the program.

A tactical fitness certification can appeal to a wide range of clientele. Military buffs will appreciate the style and the blend of bootcamp styled fitness programs. Those who like extra challenging and always changing routines will appreciate the formatting to help prevent burnout and boredom. Group styled fitness classes can help increase motivation by introducing some friendly competition into the class. Accountability is another perk of tactical fitness classes, and many individuals look forward to that social time where they get to focus on self care and fitness together. 

If you are new to tactical fitness, be sure to arrive at your first class a little early so the instructor can give you some pointers on technical movements and help you understand the flow and format of the class better.  Each fitness instructor will have their own style of teaching so do not get discouraged if you do not like it the first time or struggle with any of the exercises. It will get easier with each class you participate in and you’ll be able to measure the growth, strength, and progress you’ve made with applications from our new tactical fitness certification.

Tactical Fitness Certification



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