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Have you ever wondered, “Can I be a personal trainer?” Having a career combining fitness in training can be a rewarding experience. Being passionate about health and fitness and the desire to help others achieve their goals gives you a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Personal trainer income varies depending on what type of certifications you have and also how many certifications you have. The more certifications you have and the more specific type of certifications you have, the more sought out you will be due to high demand in the fitness industry. Certified personal trainers also get the luxury of choosing their own hours to work. Some work part time a few hours a week depending on how many clients they are coaching at that time. Other trainers work for a health club and are working a full day, ready to assist anyone who needs a trainer. Some trainers will even use their certifications to create their own business or coaching plans and will work online with clients. CPT - certified personal training involves creating and executing a personalized plan for each client. Every client you have the opportunity to meet with has different needs and different goals. Training will never be a one-size-fits-all type of training. Each client will have a plan designed by you for them specifically.

The cost of a personal training certification (CPT) varies as well depending on what type of certification you receive and the level of hands on training involved in the course. Online certification classes are usually less expensive because you do not have to pay an instructor to teach the lessons. You have  your study materials and you are given the liberty to study as much or as little as you can and then take the certification test at your convenience. The traditional training classes are more expensive and also more hands on. The online classes are favored for their ease of access, being able to study at your own pace, and the lower cost. Anyone looking into becoming a CPT should look into self-study online courses such as ASFA®! With ASFA®, you can study at your own pace and test when you are ready from the convenience of your own home.

Becoming a certified personal trainer can be a rewarding experience for people to like to inspire and help others achieve their fitness and health goals. You get the opportunity to become a personal cheerleader for each of your clients.  Ready to take the plunge?  Ready to follow your dream?  Just click the link below!

Online CPT Certification

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