Bootcamp Certification: Optimize Your Workouts in Good Weather


Bootcamp classes have joined the popular trend of outdoor fitness. It gives you a much better scenic workout than a stuffy aerobics room inside a gym. You get fresh air and all the good vibes of being outside. It provides more variations to work out with and it allows you to optimize your workouts in good weather!

Bootcamp classes are known for their group functional training and their total body functional workouts. Bootcamp provides the perfect combination of strength training and cardio to build base fitness and improve overall fitness and strength. Many classes at the beginning of the month or session will do a functional fitness test. This will allow you to see where you currently fall. It is not a contest and it is not meant to show you where you need improvements. It is used a marker of where you are with your personal fitness at that time. At the end of the month or session, you will perform that same fitness test. The results from the second test are what is used to measure how much strength and fitness you have gained during that month. Many boot camp goers will note that they were able to perform more repetitions with heavier weights, or perform a greater number of pushups or run faster. Being in a group-like setting provides the perfect environment for success and growth, with so many like-minded athletes cheering you on and routing for your success.

Bootcamp classes also include exercises to improve agility. You might do drills to improve quickness or plyometric workouts for speed. Boot camp covers many different varieties of fitness for a complete body workout. Loyal followers of boot camp training enjoy the balance of strength and cardio and have a well-rounded fitness routine. New comers enjoy that the classes are always different and changing to prevent boredom. Each class is something new. If you are new to boot camp, don’t quit after the first class. The second and third classes will be completely different from the first. Instructors also have their own personal style and methods of teaching. If you don’t like one instructor, try another class with a different instructor.

Getting a Bootcamp certification is fun way to teach group fitness in an outdoor setting to optimize and maximize your workouts. In good weather and bad weather, a good workout is never regretted. Go outside and play!

Bootcamp Certification

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