Become a Master Trainer For Your New Year’s Resolution!

Continuing education for personal trainers is important as they develop and improve their training skills and their own personal fitness so that they can share their gift with their clients. Becoming a master level personal trainer moves you to the top level of education and training in the fitness industry. When you compare certifications between a basic personal trainer and a master level personal trainer, you will see that the master trainer has additional skills to help additional ranges of clients. For example, if you are a high risk for injury, or have a very specific fitness goal that does not fall under general fitness, a master level trainer will know how to make accommodations and modifications so that the training is adjusted to help meet your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner that works best for you. 

Consultants in fitness can benefit from having a master trainer certification. In addition to having additional skills, you will be able to better understand the kinesiology of sports and fitness to better serve your clients and to create better personal trainer programs that are uniquely created for each client. Master trainers can also help clients who have plateaued with their current workouts and need assistant in making progressive changes that benefit aerobic and anaerobic fitness plans. Master trainers can also help groups of individuals, such as the elderly; perform core exercises for elderly routines to help improve functional fitness and quality and life.  Keeping seniors active and fit helps provide them with more independence and decreases their risk for falling. Core ball fitness exercises can also build core strength and improve functional fitness.

A new year means a new resolution to fulfill. Getting your master trainer certification would help fulfill job and employment skills resolutions and can help grow your professional network within the fitness and health industries. The more certifications you have, the easier it will be to stand out against all other trainers who have only basic personal training certifications. An increase in salary or pay is another popular New Year’s Resolution. Master trainers are hired at a higher salary than other trainers because they have more skills and expertise to offer. Master trainers are also able to charge a higher rate to private clients so it makes sense (and cents!) to continue your education to become a master trainer.  With more knowledge, comes greater skills, and master trainers are able to use their certification skills to improve their own personal fitness and goals too. Make a commitment to yourself and become a master trainer for your New Year’s Resolution!

Master Personal Trainer Certification

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