Barre Fitness Certification: Dance to Fitness

If you love dancing and have ever thought about how to become a certified dance fitness instructor, barre fitness certification is for you! You will be able to incorporate dance into a fitness routine to share with others in a cardio fitness class setting.

It is common for individuals who train to be personal trainer instructors to branch out into an area of interest or their personal fitness sport background. Online personal trainer certification programs are a great way for trainers to obtain a second certification of interest. Trainers need a lot of flexibility with continuing education options since they often work unusual hours to meet the demands of their clients. Online personal trainer school programs provide that flexibility to trainers who need to study at their own pace when they have the free time to do so.

Barre fitness classes combine moves from ballet, yoga, and aerobics to create a low impact routine that helps build strength and lean muscle tissue. Instructors that come from a dance background will sometimes add additional styles of dance into their routine to make it more fun and stand apart from other barre classes. Barre fitness performs the moves with a ballet bar. If you are new to the activity, you can also do them on a mat until you feel more comfortable using the bar. The moves utilize a lot of stretching and short moves, yet the moves are low impact. The barre helps to take away some of the impact as well, allowing you do go deeper into the moves with greater stability. You are able to control the intensity of the moves by selecting how deep to get into the pose and how long you hold it for. The instructor is there to help ensure that you use proper form to prevent injury or strain.

Having a barre fitness certification allows you to dance your way into fitness studios and health clubs to spread an appreciation for dance and fitness. Have fun with your class and others will be inspired to join and participate.

Barre Certification

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