ASFA's Self-Defense Certification in Review

How can this form of fitness benefit your career and why is self-defense instruction such a relevant certification?              

The ASFA® Self-defense certification is one of the top forms of combat qualification to have as a fitness professional. This review will outline exactly what makes this certification so worthwhile and credible. When considering its worth, we should look at the subject being taught and the practical applications and implications for your clients.

ASFA® has certified many thousands for fitness professionals throughout the United States and internationally. By joining the ASFA® community you are becoming part of an organization that understands what is required to create a worthwhile qualification that will give fitness professionals real benefits. Additionally, all of our certifications can be taken online, from the comfort of your own home.

Now that we have a better understanding of ASFA®, we should now look at self-defense. This form of defensive combat is extremely beneficial. When learning this art, you will learn how to defend yourself from a physical attack. For those who lack confidence, or for those who enjoy combat fitness, this is a great activity to engage in. Women especially would benefit from self-defense instruction as they can sometimes feel threatened or vulnerable and would receive a huge confidence boost knowing they can protect themselves. As a fitness instructor, self-defense is an ideal avenue to diversify into. Due to its popularity and relevance self-defense instruction is in demand!

As you can see, ASFA® is certification and convenient and credible, and self-defense is a popular and relevant activity that many people will enjoy. For your business, this can only mean positive things. By taking the ASFA® Self-defense certification, you can improve your prospects and appeal to a new range of clients.

Self Defense Instruction Certification


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