ASFA’s NEW Advanced Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification

Group personal training certification allows you the opportunity to teach group fitness classes and small group personal training sessions.

ASFA’s Advanced Group Fitness Certification & Bootcamp Certification combination is geared toward experienced fitness instructor working toward their continuing education goals specializing in advanced group exercise instruction.

Many fitness trainer business establishments are seeing the benefits of offering small group personal training sessions to clients. Clients get the one-on-one attention they need and guided training plans to reach their personal fitness goals, but at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer since the cost is divided among the other members or clients of the small group. Fitness trainer programs like to offer their clients these group sessions as a buddy system or accountability partner to make sure you get your workouts in. You might meet with a trainer once a week and each client has their set of exercises to do the rest of the days of the week. Having an accountability partner to workout with who shares similar fitness goals can help make sure you stay motivated and complete your workouts.

Group exercise certifications can be completed online in your spare time. Online study guides and online study groups can be beneficial as you work through the required course work. Online options can also provide you with practice tests so you can feel confident when you take the exam and know what to expect and the format of the test. Once you pass the certification test for group fitness instruction, you are certified to teach group fitness and small group personal training. Group fitness jobs are available at local health clubs, recreation centers, private fitness studios, senior centers, schools, as well as online for online coaching and online fitness sessions. Having your group fitness certification can help you broaden your set of skills and secure more employment opportunities as well as higher pay.

Group fitness classes come in a variety of formats to fit the many different styles of fitness. There are group yoga classes for flexibility, group resistance training classes for strength, group cycling classes for endurance and cardiovascular health, and group martial arts fitness classes for self-defense and confidence building. These are just a few of the many classes and types of training that are available as a group fitness class. Having your group fitness certification enables you to help more people each day while making a positive impact in your community.

Ready to take your group instructor training to the next level? Check out one of ASFA’s newest certifications Advanced Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification by clicking the link below!

Advanced Group Fitness Certification


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