ASFA® Reviews: Check Out These Success Stories!

Have you ever wondered where your success story would begin?  Well, you don't have to wonder anymore! 

Check out the following ASFA® success story by Kaz A.:

"After living in Vancouver, Canada for 8 years, opening a fitness centre with my husband and two partners, and becoming certified in Canada through BCRPA, I was faced with divorce and the loss of my business to my partners. I returned, with my young son, to the US to live near my parents, sister and many loving friends. I had to start all over again with very little money, no job and needing a place to live. I googled ASFA® to find out about certification here in the US. I took the personal trainer test (I already had extensive training in Canada, so I knew the information very well) and passed with flying colors! Now I have clients in many cities near me and have the credentials through ASFA® that give me the necessary credibility. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for both me and my son. We are doing extremely well and are very happy!"

Kaz A.

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ASFA® Success Stories
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