ASFA® Certifications: Reviewing Your Options

Which fitness certification is right for you? Customers email us very often to ask which ASFA qualification if right for them.  But, the right choice isn't always apparent.  Of course, we recommend asking the facility at which you intend on working what their manager/owner prefers.  But, beyond that, you have to consider two main factors:  1.)  Who are my potential clients?  2.)  What am I most interested in?

Your potential clients can help you easily determine what qualification is right for enhancing your fitness career.  If you work at a senior center, then a certification in Speed & Agility is probably not the most logical career move!  You have to think about your demographic.  As a fitness professional, you work in a service industry.  So, who can you best serve? 

Secondly, you have to consider what you are interested in yourself.  If you have no interest in training seniors, then you probably won't apply yourself and excel in that field.  You have to know yourself and do what is both best for you and your potential clients!

ASFA® Certifications

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