ASFA® Certification Tests Answer the Need for Fitness Niche Marketing Qualifications

Fulfilling the need for specific fitness qualifications

One thing that makes ASFA® certifications so great is variety and specialty. In today's world, the tendency with education and qualifications is to try to teach too much and broadly. We are always in a hurry to obtain quantity instead of quality. Too many subjects are often covered, and instead of learning a significant amount about one topic, you may learn a little about many different topics. This is not always a great way to learn, and as the saying goes you become the jack of all trades and master of none.

ASFA® certifications break this mold and offers highly specialized certifications. While ASFA® does provide more all-inclusive refresher certifications like the personal trainer qualification, we mainly offer specific certifications. These include Pilates instruction, Senior fitness instruction, Balance and Stability training, Water aerobics instruction, Youth fitness instruction, Ballet Barre fitness and more. As you can see, these qualifications are anything but generic and pertain to specific areas of fitness.

You will learn about one specific type of fitness activity. This will mean that your knowledge and understanding of said subject will be second to none. You will not spread your capacity for learning too thin. You will become a master of the activity and you will learn about it in-depth. Instead of partially learning a large range of activities, you can specialize and offer your skills to your customers. You can provide classes relating to your certification, and branch out from your standard fitness schedule and training routines.

These ASFA certifications are the real deal and provide a true niche in the fitness industry. You will not find another range of certificates that offer you so much in the form of specialized learning opportunities. By becoming a member of the American Sports and Fitness Association® and taking a certification, you are ensuring you will stand out from the crowd and can offer something unique and truly beneficial to your clients.

ASFA® Certifications

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