Advanced Senior Fitness – Meet the Need

Careers as certified health coaches are growing to meet the needs of our aging senior population. Advanced senior fitness certificates can help our older athletes stay active and healthy. Senior workouts can sometimes be challenging in our golden years as mobility, flexibility, and strength are all impacted by the natural aging process. Advanced senior fitness can help meet the need for senior’s fitness and efforts to improve functional fitness.

Functional fitness is one of the more important types of fitness that seniors can benefit from.  Functional fitness exercises refer to exercises that can help improve your daily life and daily activities. Functional fitness can also be used to help with specific motor skills and exercises to help with a specific task. Functional fitness for seniors can help older adults stay active and more mobile. The types of exercises that seniors benefit most from help them with daily functions such as walking, sitting to standing, climbing stairs, and bending/lifting. Balance is often affected with age and these once simple activities can sometimes be a challenge without functional fitness or balance and stability.

Low-impact exercises can be used to help seniors improve their personal fitness. Low-impact exercises such as swimming, walking, yoga, and indoor cycling can help seniors get fit safely without putting extra stress on their joints. Many seniors will take advantage of utilizing group fitness classes to stay social and to make workouts fun. Many local health clubs and senior centers will offer classes such as water aerobics, yoga, and group indoor cycling classes to meet the needs of seniors. 

Advanced senior fitness certifications allow trainers to understand the specific needs of seniors.  They will learn about which exercises are best for them and modifications or adaptations that can be utilized to fit their individual needs. Attending to the fitness needs of seniors can be a rewarding experience for trainers. You are enabling older individuals to remain active and independent while enjoying life and their families. With advanced senior fitness, it is possible to make the aging process seem as if it has slowed down. Many seniors, like their younger counterparts, express that exercising on a regular basis gives them more energy, better sleep quality, improved stability and flexibility, and improved overall well-being. The gift of fitness can be enjoyed by all ages, especially our seniors!

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Advanced Senior Fitness Instructor Certification


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