Advanced Senior Fitness: Geriatric Training Specialist

Fitness instructor jobs such as a geriatric training specialist continue to grow in demand as our population ages. Advanced senior fitness is just as important for proper health as the younger generations. The goals and purpose for fitness will vary from the younger groups, but personal fitness remains a top priority. Seniors who engage in regular exercise have improved mobility, enjoy more years that are independent, and have better functional fitness which decreases their risk of falling and improves overall everyday functions.

Online fitness training plan programs are not as popular with seniors as they are with other groups of exercisers. Technological devices can sometimes be difficult for seniors to learn. They did not grow up with the technology that we have today and it often proves only to be a source of frustration, not convenience. In-person personal training or group fitness classes are best for seniors so that the instructor can watch their form to make sure they are doing the exercises safely and correctly. A certified personal trainer can also show an individual how to make modifications to any exercise that a senior may not be able to do and still benefit from their workout.  

Regular exercise can help improve brain power and focus for seniors. Staying sharp and learning how to improve mental power may also help delay memory related medical conditions, allowing the individual to enjoy their independence and increased mobility years longer. Exercise does for the body what crossword puzzles can do for the brain. If your senior is not able to get out of their residence easily, an in-home trainer can come to you and show you how to incorporate fitness into your current situation. 

There are many exercises that seniors can do from home without having to go to a gym. You can use exercise balls and exercise bands to improve stability, core strength, and balance. There are chair exercises that can be done if your senior uses a wheelchair to increase strength and muscle tone. Yoga helps with relaxation and focus, while improving flexibility and function. If your senior enjoys being outside, a brisk walk around the block with neighbors or friends can be beneficial as well. Having regular workouts and improving personal fitness can also help manage some medical conditions allowing an individual to no longer need to take unnecessary medication. If you want to use fitness to help manage your health and the need for some of your medications, be sure to check with your doctor first. Never stop taking any medications or begin an exercise program without speaking to your doctor first.

Senior fitness programs such as a geriatric training specialist are an important part of keeping our seniors healthy and active. If you love helping people and improving the overall quality of their lives, consider a career in senior fitness and sign up to take an online certification course to become a geriatric training specialist today!


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