7 Ways to Grow Your Online Personal Training Business


Doing things online was a convenience prior to the Covid-19 pandemic; now, it is both a precaution and a priority for most people. Thinking of the fitness industry, many people started working out from their homes after the pandemic.

Nowadays, personal trainers are also preferring online clients over offline clients. There are several ways in which trainers can help their clients online. This article discusses online personal training and how you can grow your training business.


Online Personal Training

Some people may need clarification on how personal training can be done online. Let’s help them understand the concept of online personal training. The trainers usually prefer online video conferencing platforms to communicate with their remote clients. Through this, they conduct live training sessions for clients and help them work out to achieve their fitness goals. Some basic things required for this are a device with an internet connection for communication and basic equipment for doing exercises. Online training helps trainers and clients remain at their homes or comfortable places and maintain fitness.


How Can You Grow Your Online Training Business?

Growing your online personal training business requires two main things, one is retaining existing clients, and the second is gaining new clients. The following tips will help you achieve both of these things.

  1. Create and Promote Your Brand

Once you find your niche and determine your unique selling proposition (USP), create your personal brand with a distinct identity. Next, you must identify your prospective clients and promote your brand to reach them. People usually remember brands as an identity, so make sure your brand is well-known to your prospects.

  1. Your Clients Are Your Brand Advocates

Check with your existing clients if they have friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, and teammates who can benefit from your online personal training services. Though referrals seem old-fashioned, they can be the most effective way of building a business of committed clients. Those who have experienced the quality of your services will effectively promote them.

  1. Deliver Results to Your Clients

As mentioned above, satisfied clients will help you bring new clients to your business based on their experience. Hence, you should focus on delivering results to your existing clients by providing them with customized workouts and diets that will help them achieve their fitness goals. Delivering client satisfaction will help you achieve business growth.

  1. Choice of Promotional Channels

You should choose your promotional channels wisely by taking into consideration the target customers. Social media is probably the best way of communicating your business to a larger audience. Partnerships and referrals are the other options you can opt for to promote your online personal training business. Word of mouth can help your business effectively.

  1. Use of Technology

Undoubtedly, using technological advancements for your business will help you grow it at pace. For example, you can build a professionally-looking website and send promotional emails using various platforms. Another great option you should think of is online training software which you can provide to your clients. With this, you can monitor the progress of your clients.

  1. Keep Your Knowledge Up to Date

Being a personal trainer, you should acquire new skills and stay up to date with current knowledge. The fitness industry is well-known for being constantly changing, with several studies contributing to it. Therefore, you must be aware of the trending things in the field and their pros and cons in order to guide your clients.

  1. Focus on Wowing Your Clients

Your business will grow with new clients, but to sustain it, you must treat each of your clients as unique. You should deliver a great experience so that they want to get long-term training from you. In order to stay on top of the game, you have to focus on client retention.

Those of you who were searching for ways to grow your online training business might have found this article very useful. With the help of the above tips, you can grow your online personal training business!

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7 Ways to Grow Your Online Personal Training Business
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