5 Sport-Specific Velocity Training Exercises

Sport specific velocity training exercises can be done to improve strength and skills. Velocity training can help build momentum and power.  Coaches and athletes have begun to incorporate sport specific velocity training exercises into their regular training programs to improve competitiveness and fitness gains.  Here are some sport specific velocity training you can use to improve your game:

  1. Broad Jumps.  Broad jumps are a high intensity high velocity exercise that build power and strength in the legs and hips.  Certified classes for sports coaches teach about exercises that can help their clients create speed by activating the short and long twitch muscle fibers.  Broad jumps are perfect for improving speed and power for athletes such as runners, triathletes, and fitness competitors.
  2. Reverse Throwing.  Reverse throwing using resistance bands can build strength and speed in the arms.  This specific exercise is perfect for athletes that play baseball or softball and want to throw a faster pitch. Professionals with a health and fitness career can use reverse throwing as hard rehabilitation workouts to help get injured pitchers back on the field.
  3. Jumping rope.  Jumping rope can build speed quickly and runners and endurance athlete can build velocity by incorporating a jump rope into their training. Jumping rope is similar to speed drills.  It activates the glutes and core and strengthens the knees and ankles to lower the risk of sports injury.
  4. Push-ups.  Push-ups are versatile for building strength and velocity.  Fitness personal software trainer programs recommend push-ups for all levels of fitness.  Modifications can be done so beginners can still gain fitness benefits.  For advanced level athletes, try a plyometric push-up for intense velocity training.  Push-ups are used in sport specific training for athletes that play football, baseball, and basketball.  Other sports trainers will use push-ups for the full-body strength building benefits.
  5. Power Squats.  Squats done with just your body weight as resistance or with a weighted bar can help improve power, form, and technique for sports.  Any individual that participates in sports that involve jumping, such as basketball or volleyball, will benefit from the velocity training from squats. Speed skaters and rugby players also benefit from training that includes squats.  Improve your power and strength with velocity training for sports!

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