5 Kettlebell Exercises That You Can Do At Home

You can get a full body kettlebell workout at home and achieve the same results as you would in a gym. Kettlebell moves should be performed using good form to prevent straining or injury. The exercises below are great moves to do at home. If you have any discomfort or questions on form, consult a certified Kettlebell instructor so that you can have a personal demonstration and have someone spot you as you learn the moves.

1. The Russian Kettlebell Swing. This is a great beginner move that works the shoulders, hips, and legs. You will need to keep your core engaged while performing this move and remember the explosive nature of the move is coming from the hips, not the arms. This move is easy to self monitor. If you feel discomfort in the shoulders, you are not engaging the core muscles or hip muscles enough.

2. Single Arm Kettlebell Swing. This move is almost identical to the Russian Kettlebell swing, with the exception that you are using a single arm instead of both at the same time. Alternate your arms with each swing to stay consistent and use you free arm to generate momentum and fluidness.

3. Kettlebell Figure 8. This move is easy to execute. You start on one side of your body on the outside of your leg and move the Kettlebell between your legs into your other hand and around the outside of your other leg and then repeat. This creates a Figure 8 motion. It’s a great move for Kettlebell arms and is a great workout for bringing up your heart rate too.

4. Kettlebell Russian Twist. This is a great abs workout you perform on the floor. No more boring crunches! You hold the Kettlebell while seated on the floor and twist from one side to the other engaging the abdominal muscles. It is important to remember that good form is more important than quantity. You will want to keep good form to protect the back from strain.

5. Kettlebell Deadlift. This is a great exercise that targets the legs and glutes. You start with the Kettlebell on the floor between your feet. Grab the Kettlebell and stand up with engaged glutes and good posture. Return the Kettlebell to the ground and repeat from that neutral position.

As you can see, it is easy to perform a Kettlebell routine for strength at home. No need to fight crowds at a busy gym to get in a great workout. Remember to seek out a personal trainer if you have any questions on form or if any of the moves are uncomfortable to perform. There are many other moves using Kettlebells and many modifications can be done to accommodate strengths and needs.

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