5 Good Exercises for Older Adults

  1. Walking is a great low impact option that seniors can enjoy. Walking can be done indoors on a treadmill or outside in nature. Walking can be modified to fit their individual needs. They can walk at an easy slow pace or power walk, or walk for ten minutes or for an hour—the choice is theirs. Walking is a great fitness activity as it engages the mind and builds fitness at the same time.
  2. Light weights or kettlebells at the gym are a great way to help protect bone density in seniors. A Senior Fitness Trainer can help create a kettlebell strength and conditioning program for older adults. Full body kettlebell exercises can be performed to help increase functional fitness as well, adding quality to daily living.
  3. Yoga is another low impact exercise that helps seniors with flexibility and meditation. Yoga is great in the aspect that it can be performed anywhere without needing any equipment.
  4. Swimming or water fitness classes are another great option for senior fitness. The water takes the impact off of the joints proving a low-impact full body workout that helps burn calories and increase cardio fitness.
  5. Barre fitness classes are another great choice for seniors who want something newer and trendier. Barre fitness classes use a ballet bar to help with stability so moves and stretches can be held longer, helping seniors tone up without over straining.  All these moves can be modified to meet individual fitness levels. 

Senior Fitness can be just as fun as other fitness options. As a personal trainer with certification in Senior Fitness, you can create personalized exercise plans and lead workout classes for older adults. So help meet the growing demand for Senior Fitness instructors, by clicking here for an ASFA certification in Senior Fitness today!   
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